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Friday, February 13, 2009

Top Part of Guatemala Sampler

Guatemala Sampler
from Handwerken Zonder Grenzen

# 132 Sept - Oct 2003

129 x 44o stitches

I will be substituting other colors for most of the browns listed, and possibly lightening up other shades here and there. It is a stunning piece, no matter what shades are used.

I'm going to experiment with fabrics, starting with black, which I love for popping colors. Will post shots as I go. Whatever ground color I use will be linen.

a Bee in a garden of delights!

I am a Bee in a garden of delights! I have so many needlework projects in the works that I'm dizzy with the sweetness of so much beauty and so much color! Working with what you love is amazingly energizing.

I'm rotating among the beauties, so my overall progress toward completion is slower, but my satisfaction level is high. I've always loved the work more than the race to completion. I frequently feel disappointed when a project is completed, much like the feeling I get after turning the last page of a good book.

This morning I pulled out a very old WIP, which was part of a class. I've no idea where the rest of the pattern is, nor do I really care. I'm remaking it as my Father's Side Sampler. Last night I spent a few hours on and discovered some fascinating details I didn't know about my Father's family. I am closer to the Old Sod than I knew, and delighted by it. My one paternal relative and I compared our "notes" a few years ago, and both of us were basically clueless. I had a list of surnames and a few pictures. He had about the same. So it was incredible to go on and find my family's information just sitting there, waiting for me!

Wiehenburg Delivers!!


251 x 331 stitches

These two beautiful Wiehenburg Quaker Sampler patterns arrived in today's mail.

Wiehenburg Delivers!!

Dragonfly Quaker

251 x 331 stitches

Beautiful colors!!

I'm planning to use the colors listed on the pattern because I loved them when I first saw them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Quaker Blues Sampler by Leeanne of My Nifty Needle

Design size:
200 stitches wide X 400 stitches long

Fabric Requirement:
14 x 20" if over 1 on 35ct
20 x 31" if over 2 on 35ct
Fabric: Vikki Clayton 5201 white linen (DMC Blanc) 35ct whch I have,
or 32/35ct black linen which I'd prefer

Floss: DMC in 11 assorted blues/1 pale green

Growth Rings by Tracy Horner of Ink Circles

February, 2009

Growth Rings by Tracy Horner of Ink Circles
Design appears in the March/April edition of Just Cross Stitch magazine. See also Ink Circles web site:
Design Size:
229 h x 229 w

Fabric Requirement:

Vikki Clayton 5201 white linen (DMC Blanc) 35ct

Threads: 2 colors of my choice